Updated 8th May 2023

Code of Conduct - by participating in the Inner West Ballers Development competition, you agree to our Code of Conduct.

Inner West Ballers Competition Information Pack (updated 02/05/23) - everything you need to know about our competition guidelines can be found in this pack.

Please note, we promote a positive environment for the enjoyment for all our participants, volunteers and spectators. We will not condone negative commentary towards our referee staff, players and coaches from anyone. You will be asked to exit the facilities should you are found to violate this rule or our code of conduct.

Season 2, 2023 - Development Basketball Competitions

RESULTS & LADDER (updated 28/08/2023)

 Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Round 10

Round 11

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

FINALS Draw (updated 28/08/23)

High School Orange Division - Round 15, 3rd September 2023

2.40pm: Cobras v Taipans

3.30pm: Pythons v Mambas

4.20pm: Rattlesnakes v Vipers


High School White Division - Round 15, 1st September 2023

4.30pm: Tigers v Panthers

5.20pm: Hyenas v Lions

6.10pm: Leopards v Jaguars


High School Black Division - Round 15, 1st September 2023

7pm: Falcons v Magpies

7.50pm: Hawks v Crows

8.40pm: Eagles v Ravens


Primary School Orange Division - Round 15, 2nd September 2023

12.30pm: Marlins v Sharks

1.20pm: Stingrays v Dolphins


Primary School White Division - Round 15, 2nd September 2023

2.10pm: Bulls v Warriors

3pm: Lakers v Celtics

BYE: Grizzlies


Primary School Black Division - Round 15, 2nd September 2023

3.50pm: Wildcats v Mavericks

4.40pm: Clippers v Kings

Bye: Phoenix


Girls Division - Round 15, 2nd September 2023

1pm: Storm v Flames

1.50pm: Mystics v Sparks

BYE: Lynx


Competition Draw (updated 28/05/23)

High School Orange - Sundays (updated 02/05/23)


High School White - Fridays (updated 02/05/23)

High School Black - Fridays  (updated 02/05/23)

Primary School Orange - Saturdays (updated 02/05/23)

Primary School White - Saturdays (updated 02/05/23)

Primary School Black - Saturdays (updated 02/05/23)

Girls Only - Sundays (updated 24/07/23)



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Updated 2nd May 2023

Season 2, 2023 - Development Basketball Competition

Key information:

  • High School Black & White Division - Friday first game 05/05/23 4.30pm-9.30pm

  • High School Orange Division - Sunday first game 07/05/23 - Sunday 2.40pm-5pm.
  • Primary Age Orange, White & Black- Saturday first game 06/05/23 - 12.30pm-5.30pm (Orange plays earlier games, White & Black div play later games)
  • Girls Only competition - Recommended ages 8yrs-15yrs - Sunday first game 07/05/23 1pm-2.40pm
  • Total of 15 games in Season 2 (term 2 & 3) including FINALS - All teams play finals week unless there is an uneven number of teams. In this case, the team last on the ladder will have a BYE on FINALS week.
  • WHERE: Wilkins Public School Indoor Court - entrance via Park Lane walk in gate (off Park Rd). Map here.

  • All games are 50mins including warm up & half time. We estimate 8 total games including finals (inclusive of any byes where necessary). All teams participate in finals week.
  •  Fully timed games with referees, bench staff and officials to help the participants  prepare and play as well as new basketball rings and a digital scoreboard!

  •  COST: $240 for the season.

  • Additional cost: Team singlet purchase $50. Only necessary if you don't already have a black/white Inner West Ballers competition singlet from 2022. Team singlets are re-usable for all our competitions. You only need to purchase a new one if you need to upsize or due to loss/damage.


 Enquiries email or call Ben 0413577527